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How do I protect my Air Pods from scratch?

by Worryfree Gadgets on December 21, 2022

Maintaining delicate audio devices like Air Pods might be pretty challenging.
Because they are so expensive, one should be extremely careful when handling them to avoid scratches.

Air pods are made of soft plastic with a smooth surface. This makes them highly prone to sprains and damage. But it is not the surface alone of the Air Pods that makes it get scratched easily; an individual's lifestyle also plays an essential role in the Air Pods getting scratched easily.

The stem of the Air Pods is generally the most common point where it gets scratched. Are you worried about how to protect your Air Pods from scratching? Don't worry. You have reached the right place.

This article will discuss how to protect your Air Pods from scratches. Read this article to the end to learn how to protect your Air Pods from scratches.

How do I protect my Air Pods from scratching?

Here are a few measures that you must take to prevent your Airpods from getting scratched,

1. Place the Air Pods back in the charging case after using them.

Instead of putting your Air Pods anywhere randomly, develop the practice of placing them back on the charging case after using them. This will not only prevent scratches but will also increase the longevity of the Air pods.

This practice draws a clear line of difference between people who develop scratches and people who do not develop scratches on their Air pods.

If you randomly keep your Air Pods here and there, they are at risk of getting scratched and damaged.

2. Buy a protective case for your Air Pods charging case.

You should invest in a protective case cover for the charging case if you want to protect your Air Pods better. This will protect our Air Pods charging case from potential scratches and damage. It's crucial to safeguard the Air pod charging case because moving it around without a protective case frequently exposes it to dust and scratches. Generally, there are various types of protective cases available for Air Pods, namely:

1. Silicone Air Pods case cover: They are made of high-quality, long-lasting silicone, a modern tensile material that is durable and difficult to break. They are ideal for your Air Pods and have precise mould positioning. This protective case's surface has a unique anti-static coating technology that makes it resistant to dust accumulation. The most recent surface micro matte and micro sanding technologies are used in silicone cases.

2. TPU Air pods case cover: To protect your Air pods from unexpected scratches and drops, these cases have a soft, upgraded frosted TPU. Despite this, the protruding design can help reduce shock waves and be more anti-knock than usual.

3. Leather cases for Air Pods: You may also try leather cases for your Air Pods. These cases are made of pure leather, handcrafted from crazy horse cowhide leather, and will safeguard your Air Pods in the best way possible. They prevent your Air Pods from getting any scratches or potential damage, even if they fall by chance.

Check out our collection of the best protective Air Pods cases at Worryfree Gadgets. We provide the best quality protective cover cases for your Air Pods that will protect them from scratches and any shock or damage.