Bio Bidet Elite 3
Bio Bidet Elite 3
Bio Bidet Elite 3

    Bio Bidet Elite 3


    Bio Bidet Elite 3

    Features: -Non-Electric Bidet

    Elite Series Bidet Attachment by Bio Bidet

    Simple and Practical.

    Imagine a spa-like experience in the privacy and comfort of your own bathroom, while promoting better health and hygiene! The newly designed Elite3 is a convenient, easy to install, attachable bidet that surpasses all industry standards and expectations. Designed with comfort in mind, this ambient temperature, non-electric bidet provides an invigorating posterior wash and a softer mist for the feminine wash.

    Features & Functions

    • Dual Nozzle for His back and Her front
    • Easy D.I.Y installation
    • No electricity or batteries required
    • Splash guard
    • Retractable nozzles
    • Adjustable water pressure
    • Nozzle selections

    • Nozzle self cleaning

    • Braided metal water hose

    • Brass universal 57.9 cm (22.8 in.) T valve

    • Built-in UPC certified check valve - U.S Made

    • Adjustable Brackets

    • Made in the U.S. Built-in Check Valve UPC/ASME

      2. P.S.P.C. Selection Function Valve – Positive Stepping Pressure Control gives precise levels of pressure

      3. Nozzle Selection Function Valve – Having dual nozzles means that there is a separate nozzle for the Posterior wash and a second nozzle for the Feminine wash (or Anterior wash)

      4. Retractable Cleaning Nozzle - The nozzles will extract and spray only when selected to ensure ultimate hygiene

      5. Ingenious Splash Guard - Both nozzles are conveniently retracted behind a splash guard to protect them from debris when not in use

      6. Adjustable Brackets with Protective Rings - Easy DIY Installation, convenient, easy to install, attachable bidet that surpasses all industry standards and expectations.

      Affordable. Luxury. Convenient.


      No electricity or battery is needed.

      How does a bidet work without electricity? The answer is simple. By connecting the bidet directly to your fresh water line makes it possible to run on only water pressure.

      Non-electric bidets are affordable, easy to install, saves you money on toilet paper, and do not cost you a cent in electricity. This is why non-electric bidets are considered to be the most economical type of bidet.