Creative Bioscience hCG 1234, 2 fl. oz. (3 bottles)
Creative Bioscience hCG 1234, 2 fl. oz. (3 bottles)
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    Creative Bioscience hCG 1234, 2 fl. oz. (3 bottles)


    Creative Bioscience hCG 1234, 2 fl. oz. (3 bottles)

    About this item

    • Weight loss drops with no hormones
    • Safe to use
    • Inspected by FDA
    • 24-hour customer support
    • Help you reach your goals
    • Description

      Losing weight is very challenging. For years, you may have promised yourself that you were going to lose weight and fit into a smaller pant or dress size. Or, from several visits to the doctor, you may have been given the advice to lose weight to help alleviate health issues. Of course, people live busy lives and don't always have the chance to eat healthy, instead relying on supplements that rarely give results. Make your weight loss goals a reality with the Creative Bioscience® hCG 1234®, 2 fl. oz. (3 bottles), an easy-to-take supplement that doesn't require scooping or mixing into food.

      How Can Creative Bioscience hCG 1234 Help Me Lose Weight?

      The Creative Bioscience hCG 1234 formula was made for results. While it's clear that busy lives lead to bad eating habits, these weight loss drops get you started on the right path so you can commit to a long-term diet. The mixture of herbs and niacin make these the best weight loss drops for curbing appetite and improving your physique. Meant to be taken throughout the day, you don't have to struggle with swallowing large pills or bringing along large tubes of powder.

      Is This Better Than Other Supplements?

      One of the problems with other supplements is convenience. Bringing a large tub of powder everywhere you travel is difficult, and you don't always have access to a scoop to measure amounts. These weight loss drops can easily be taken anywhere you go. The small size means it fits into your purse and even your pocket, allowing for access in your car, office or while you're walking. The process is simple and the liquid isn't difficult to swallow, unlike many large supplement pills.

      What If I Am Not Seeing Results with the 1234 Diet Drops?

      The Creative Bioscience 1234 drops are required to be used as part of a strict dieting program. Customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Creative Bioscience 1234 experts will be able to evaluate your current diet and activity levels, with appropriate use of the weight loss drops.



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