Feel Good USDA Organic Ginger 1,000 mg., 240 Capsules
Feel Good USDA Organic Ginger 1,000 mg., 240 Capsules
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    Feel Good USDA Organic Ginger 1,000 mg., 240 Capsules


    Feel Good USDA Organic Ginger 1,000 mg., 240 Capsules


    • Concentrated Ginger Root Extract
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Non-GMO

    Feel Good® Organic Superfoods Extra Strength Ginger provides certified organic ginger root extract. Our Extra Strength Ginger is sustainably harvested from family farms, and then prepared using techniques that preserve the phytonutrients that ginger has been known for throughout history.

    • 1000mg blend of ginger root powder and ginger root extract per serving
    • Certified USDA organic and non-GMO
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
    • Sustainably grown and harvested

    Years before we harvest, underground colonies of rhizomes (root stalks) are encouraged to flourish naturally, growing without synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Organically grown ginger that’s allowed to take deep root and progress at its natural rate stimulates optimal gingerol development. Gingerols are the component in ginger that creates its spicy aroma and taste, and are responsible for ginger’s healthful reputation throughout history.

    Ginger does best in the western region of India, where it can thrive in well-irrigated, loamy soil, bathed by humid weather and heavy rainfall during the growing months. Then nature provides the ideal moment for harvest and drying by halting the rains and bringing in cool, dry weather.

    Our ginger is never processed in large quantities. It’s dried slowly in smaller batches so that precious nutrients aren’t lost. There are no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers used before or during the production process. We encourage our farmers, producers, and quality control team to work together to ensure the sustainability of the communities from which we source our ginger.

    Factory-farmed, mass-produced ginger doesn’t receive the same tender loving care, the time to develop naturally, or the chemical-free cultivation. With our network of smaller farms and rigorous standards, we’re able to maintain the quality of our ginger, from root to powder.

    Our Extra Strength Ginger is one of the very few supplements to go beyond “natural” to being organic in every way.

    We start with farm fresh USDA certified organic ginger. From hand-picking to natural insect and weed control, quality and purity are assured.

    Once our fresh ginger is harvested, it’s cleaned, inspected and carefully preserved using freeze drying and low temperature drying processes to capture the maximum amount of natural phytonutrients. The pure powdered ginger is then blended using only certified organic processing aids and flowing agents. And then all that goodness is packed inside a vegetarian capsule.