Husky Drawsting Blue Recycling Bags (30gallon, 50ct.)
Husky Drawsting Blue Recycling Bags (30gallon, 50ct.)

    Husky Drawsting Blue Recycling Bags (30gallon, 50ct.)



    Husky® Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags (30gallon, 50ct.) make it easy to be kind to the planet. Use these recycling bags to easily sort materials like aluminum, plastic, glass and other things into a bag that signals sanitation workers to recycle them.

    Sustainability and Simplicity with Husky High-Quality Bags

    Husky Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags are especially handy for those items that don't fit in the recycling bin. They have the characteristic blue color of recycling bags and a convenient, sturdy drawstring closure. If you've run out of recycling bags or use more than your allotment from your municipal sanitation department, it's great to keep extra bags on hand. This package contains 50 bags, so you won't have to buy over and over again and you'll have plenty of warning before you run out.

    Why Do You Need Special Husky Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags?

    Sometimes your recycling bin just won't cut it and you need to package up recyclables in a large bag. These large capacity, high-quality bags make it easy to store your recycling until pick up day. The bags keep pests and rodents away from recyclable items and act as a back-up if you run out of bags that might be supplied through your city's sanitation program. Recycling helps to preserve resources for years and generations to come, and simplifying the process for you, your family and your area's sanitation department makes it easy for everyone to contribute.

    How Do You Use Husky Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags?

    Use Husky Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags like a trash bag, but put your recyclable items in them! These bags can be carried during community trash pick up events. Make yourself a "recycling bin" at home and line it with Husky Drawstring Blue Recycling Bags, so that when it's full, it's easy to package up and store. No more overflowing bins or boxes. Depending on the sorting requirements of your municipal sanitation program, you might want to create more than one bin and sort glass, plastic, metal and other materials into specific bins. Make sure to clean out food containers thoroughly before submitting them for recycling.