Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)
Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)
Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)
Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)
Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)
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    Keebler Sugar Wafers (2.75 oz., 24 ct.)



    With this pack of Keebler™ Sugar Wafers, you can hand out enjoyable treats with relative ease. Twenty-four packs offer convenience that you can rely on.

    What are Keebler Sugar Wafers?

    This pack features a delicious collection of sugar wafers that can be used to alleviate hunger when you need it most. Each wafer is made with yummy, crème-filled wafers that offer a crunch with every bite. These Keebler wafers are small, sweet and easy to enjoy almost anywhere.

    Who Makes Keebler Sugar Wafers?

    These sugar wafer cookies come from The Kellogg® Company, which is an American multination company that produces popular foods and snacks.

    Snack On The Go

    Since these sugar wafers come in compact plastic packs, they’re easy to pack in a bag. Take a couple with you to work, to school, and even to the gym, allowing yourself to curb your cravings whenever you please. When you’re feeling drowsy during the middle of the day, chowing down on a few Keebler wafers can supply you with the fuel you need to get back to work.

    Helps You Feed a Crowd

    With 24 packs in one box, this is ideal for distributing treats to the masses. These are always a bestseller at convenience stores and concession stands. It also makes restocking vending machines and office pantries much easier. And if you’re responsible for providing snacks to students, children, or house guests, this box has enough to go around.

    What are Some Keebler Wafers Recipes?

    You can savor the flavor of plain sugar wafers, but you can also use them to create tasty desserts. Many have been placing wafers inside of brownies, cakes and pies, which immediately enhances their taste while adding extra crispiness. Moreover, you can dip your Keebler wafers into your favorite sauces or use them as toppings on ice cream.



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