Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.)
Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.)
Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.)
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    Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.)


    Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.)

    Why We Love This

    Say goodbye to boring fruit and veggie platters. This Mediterranean medley of specialty olives and antipasto is not only eye-catching, it's delectable!

    About this item

    • Tapas plate with a unique blend of olives, antipasto and specialty items
    • Sam's Club special variety
    • All items are seasoned and marinated for serving
    • Ideal for serving at home or bringing to a party
    • Description

      With the Mediterranean Tapas Platter (4.3 lbs.) at your next gathering, you'll delight your guests with a delicious, wholesome and gourmet variety of fresh and marinated finger foods. This antipasto-style tray is a fun addition to any social occasion and definitely a step up from the typical veggie and fruit tray.

      What Comes with This Mediterranean Tapas Platter?

      This serving platter is laden with more than four pounds of ready-to-serve antipasto foods. It includes Zesty Pepps™ garlic herb cream cheese-stuffed peppadew peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, Mediterranean mushroom antipasto, seasoned feta cubes, olive tapenade, green olives stuffed with pimentos and a pitted Mediterranean olive medley. For extra convenience, you can easily remove the lid and serve this food tray as it is, or plate more artistically on a platter if desired.

      Make Events More Memorable

      Mediterranean Tapas Platter is a flavorful addition to any gathering and is sure to leave a delightful impression on your guests. This tapas plate is vegetarian-friendly and has vegan options, making it a considerate choice for guests with specific dietary requirements. It's the type of food platter that makes an ideal appetizer for adult birthday parties, benefits, fundraisers, work social events and anniversaries.

      Can I Serve This Mediterranean Tapas Platter with Other Foods?

      Yes! This serving platter already provides more than four pounds of delicious antipasto fare, but can be complemented with a variety of other goodies, including:

      • Pita bread and crackers for spreading the tapenade.
      • Hummus, a creamy complement for the other Mediterranean flavors.
      • Cured meat, deli slices like pepperoni can make this tapas plate more filling for omnivores
      • Sparkling grape juice, apple juice, prosecco or champagne—a little bubbly will play off the piquant and savory flavors of the Mediterranean Tapas Platter