Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels
Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels
Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels

    Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels


    Nature Made CholestOFF Plus, 210 Softgels


    • 900 mg. Plant Sterols And Stanols per Serving
    • Clinically Proven to Lower Cholesterol
    • USP Verified
    • Nature Made CholestOff® Plus is made with Reducol™ a proprietary blend of plant sterols and stanols (also called phytosterols). Sterols and stanols work to help block cholesterol absorption and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol in the bloodstream.

      CholestOff® Plus is an option for your cholesterol management program, along with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.1,2  One serving of Nature Made CholestOff® Plus supplies 900 mg of plant sterols and stanols for a daily intake of 1800 mg.

      • 900 mg of plant sterols and stanols per serving
      • Clinically proven to lower cholesterol.
      • A safe and effective part of a cholesterol management program.
      • #1 Pharmacist recommended Vitamin and Supplement Brand*


      How does it work

      Plant sterols and stanols, also referred to as the phytosterols, are plant-derived compounds that are similar in structure to cholesterol. Plant sterols and stanols compete with cholesterol for aborption in the digestive tract. As a result, the sterols and stanols help block dietary cholesterol absorption and reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

      The dietary supplement form of phytosterols provides a convenient, easy to take supplement and offers approximately 1.8 grams (g) of phytosterols per day with a negligible amount of calories. Because many Americans consume as little as about 200 mg per day, this is the amount many Americans need to reach the 2,000 mg per day recommended by the National Institute of Health (NIH) Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Guidelines.

      Plant sterols and stanols occur naturally in small amounts in plant-based foods such as unrefined vegetable oils, whole grains, nuts and legumesΔ.

      However, in order to meet the recommended guidelines for cholesterol reduction through un-fortified food alone, one would need to consume an excessive amount of these foods to obtain the recommended 2 grams of sterols and stanols.

      Suggested Use: Take two softgels two times daily with meals.

      Ingredients: Plant Sterols/Stanols (Pine Tree), Sunflower Oil Esters, Gelatin (Porcine), Glycerin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Soy Lecithin, Water, Colors Added.

      Color Derived from Natural Source – No Synthetic Dyes. No Artificial Flavors. No Preservatives. No Yeast, NoStarch, No Gluten.

      Caution: Not for use by pregnant or lactating women or children. Check with your physician before using CholestOff® Plus if you are currently using medications to lower your cholesterol.

      Keep out of reach of children.

      Dietary Features--------Gluten Free









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