Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium (38 oz., 2 ct.)
Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium (38 oz., 2 ct.)

    Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium (38 oz., 2 ct.)



    One of the best thing about Pace Chunky Salsa is the taste, of course, which people have come to know and love over the years. Pace Chunky Salsa in Medium comes with two jars, so you should have plenty of salsa for yourself and your guests, who are sure to devour it quickly.

    Why Choose Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium?

    Pace salsa is popular because of the ingredients used in making it—only use fresh, quality ingredients. The jalapenos are specially bred and handpicked, and the salsa will provide you with the perfect texture and the right amount of kick in each bite.

    How to Use Pace Chunky Salsa, Medium?

    Sure, you could have Pace as a dip with tortilla chips. However, Pace salsa can do more than just provide some flavor for your chips. Salsa is a great option to put over the top of your eggs in the morning. It goes well with tacos, nachos, burritos burgers and more.

    Whether you’re entertaining at home, at work, or just are hungry for a snack, Pace can be a fantastic choice.

    Stock Up Today

    Pace salsa tends to go fast, so you might want to grab a few more jars just to make sure you have enough on hand. You can choose from Pace medium salsa, as well as Pace mild salsa and Pace hot salsa.



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