Pet Select Pee-Pee Training Pads, 22
Pet Select Pee-Pee Training Pads, 22
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    Pet Select Pee-Pee Training Pads, 22"x 23" (100 ct.)


    Pet Select Pee-Pee Training Pads, 22"x 23" (100 ct.)

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    • Built-in puppy attractant
    • Quick drying top layer
    • Leak-proof liner
    • Super absorbent core
    • 100 puppy training pads


    New puppies are lots of fun. They’re also a bit of work. Pet Select® Pee-Pee® Training Pads, 22”x23” (100 ct.) help cut down on some of that work and make potty training go a lot smoother with your new adorable friend. You can spend more time enjoying your puppy and less time on the training process.

    How Do Pet Select Pee-Pee Training Pads Help Me Potty Train My Puppy?

    These puppy training pads are created with an attractant built into the design. Your puppy will be drawn to the pads as soon as you start using them. Then when your pet uses the pad to go on, you should give praise and reward the behavior so it’s clear that’s just what you wanted. Your puppy will learn very quickly that the pet training pad is the place to go to the bathroom. Eventually, you can move the puppy potty training pads outside and your dog will make the connection that using the bathroom is supposed to happen outside.



    • Built-in Puppy Attractant
    • Quick Drying Top Layer
    • Super Absorbent Core
    • Leak Proof Liner
    • 100 Pads