Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart w/Zippered Bag, Black (3 Shelves)

    Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart w/Zippered Bag, Black (3 Shelves)



    Enjoy a smooth and efficient cleaning run with the Rubbermaid® Cleaning Cart. This cleaning cart features three different shelves that can be used for storing various cleaning supplies. There are also hooks on which you can hang brooms and mops for easy access. This Rubbermaid janitor cart can be fitted with a zipper bag to help in easy removal of trash from the cart.

    What is the Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart?

    The Rubbermaid housekeeping cart offers an easy and efficient way to collect waste from around the house. It also allows tools to be transported with ease, making it ideal for a wide range of commercial settings. This cart organizer can be fitted with a zippered bag to help make trash collection and removal easy to carry out. This janitorial cleaning cart is fitted with 4" casters and non-marking wheels with an 8" diameter. There's also an optional locking compartment where cleaning chemicals can be stored and kept out of reach of children when not in use. It can hold a standard-sized mop bucket as well, which can be placed directly onto the cart.

    What Can be Carried on the Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart?

    This housekeeping cart organizer is designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning run solution. It can hold a wide range of products and tools to help make the cleaning process simple and efficient. The three shelves on the Rubbermaid commercial cleaning cart can be used for storing cleaning supplies and tools, such as floor and toilet cleaners, disinfectant sprays, bleach, dust rags and much more. There's a separate space to fit in a mop and broom as well as a yellow zipper cleaning bag for collecting trash or dirty rags and a platform for a mop bucket. Another separate compartment on this janitorial cleaning cart can be locked up, making it suitable for storing harmful cleaning solutions that need to be kept away from the reach of little children as well as adults who may get harmed with improper usage.

    Where Can the Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart be Used?

    This Rubbermaid custodial cart is ideal for use in many commercial establishments. It can be wheeled around an office building, school, hotel, hospital, restaurant and pretty much any other place that requires large-scale cleaning tasks to be carried out on a daily basis.

    About Rubbermaid

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products was founded in 1968 and specializes in the manufacture of institutional and commercial products. Rubbermaid products are part of a varied category. It's a leading name in material transport, waste handling, safety, sanitary maintenance and food supplies.