SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with Pump, 11.0 fl oz

    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with Pump, 11.0 fl oz


    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with Pump, 11.0 fl oz

    • 11.0 fl oz Essence
    • Helps Improve the Appearance of Spots & Wrinkles
    • Skin Texture is More Refined
    • Firmness is Improved
    • Radiance is Beautifully Elevated

    Product Details

    Step 1

    Cleanse face and let skin dry. After, apply toner if desired.

    Step 2

    Pump SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into palms of hand 3-5 times.

    Step 3

    Pat gently and evenly onto face and neck to enhance absorption.

    Step 4

    Layer with serum, moisturizer, and sunscreens (in that order).

    The origins of SK-II began in a sake brewery in Japan nearly 40 years ago, where scientists noticed that brewers had aged faces, but soft and youthful hands. Convinced that the secret lay in the fermentation process, scientists screened hundreds of strains of yeast until they discovered a liquid that seemed to defy age—our miracle ingredient, Pitera™.

    With a unique combination of micronutrients, Pitera™ contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids—all working to enhance skin's natural rejuvenation process, smooth skin, minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles, even skin tone, and reveal radiance. Pitera™ is the foundation of our entire product line.

    Body Area------------Face
    Container Size------------11 fl. oz.
    Skin Type-----------All Skin Types