Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)
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    Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)

    Snickers Bars (1.86 oz., 48 ct.)

    About this item

    • Made with caramel, nougat, peanuts and milk chocolate
    • A great for restocking convenience stores, vending machines, concession stands and more
    • Description

      If you want to please the crowd, these Snickers Bars are a great way to do so. With this box of 48 candy bars, you can offer that iconic, chocolate taste to everyone around.

      What's in Snickers Bars?

      A Snickers bar is a candy bar that contains peanuts, nougat and caramel within a thick and delicious milk chocolate coating. The combination makes for quite the filling snack.

      Bulk Snickers Bars

      With 48 bars in each box, this is a great choice for anyone looking to restock their vending machines, the office pantry or even a concession stand. And if you want to provide your family with quick, satisfying snacks, having a big box of Snickers Bars is sure to be a popular choice.

      Who Makes Snickers Bars?

      Back in 1930, Mars, Inc. introduced Snickers Bars to the public. Since then, Mars, Inc. has become one of the largest manufacturers of sweets and treats in the entire world. Today, it continues its mission of providing enjoyable products to families across the globe.

      Tasty Snickers Recipes

      While they can be enjoyed right out of the package, Snickers Bars can also be used as special ingredients in your favorite cuisines. Once you slice them into tiny pieces, you can toss these pieces onto ice cream or you can place them on a cake. Add them to your brownies or even your favorite yogurt for additional flavor. Let your imagination run wild and find new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

      Satisfaction On-the-Go

      Each Snickers Bar comes individually wrapped in plastic, so they're super easy to pack into a bag and carry while you're on the road. Thanks to their compact size, you can enjoy the sweet, creamy deliciousness almost anywhere.



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