SOLO Cup Company Bistro Design Hot Drink Cups, Paper, 12oz, 300/Carton
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    SOLO Cup Company Bistro Design Hot Drink Cups, Paper, 12oz, 300/Carton


    SOLO Cup Company Bistro Design Hot Drink Cups, Paper, 12oz, 300/Carton

    About this item

    • Plastic cups for hot beverages with cafe-themed illustrations
    • Great for foodservice, concession stands are traveling
    • Holds 12 oz. of liquid
    • Package of 300 cups


    SOLO Cup Company Bistro Design Hot Drink Cups, Paper, 12oz, 300/Carton. are the perfect cups to hold coffee, hot cocoa, tea and any hot beverage for parties, camping trips, picnics or simply everyday use. Each one of these 12-ounce disposable cups is made of sturdy paper for increased durability.

    What Makes SOLO Cups Superior?

    SOLO Cup Company Bistro Design Hot Drink Cups, are a go-to choice when you're looking for a high-quality disposable cup for a piping-hot drink, like hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, hot toddies and much more. The paper is thick enough to protect your hands, while being sturdy enough to contain even steaming beverages.

    How and When Can I Use Paper Cups?

    Sipping coffee while on-the-go isn't the only time you can use a SOLO paper cup. Here are a few creative ways to use SOLO Cup Company Hot Drink Cups:

    • No matter how intense, camping trips need morning coffee too. Use these paper cups for hot drinks when you're roughing it with the family and friends.
    • Relaxing after a lengthy day at work? Pour your "sleepytime" tea into these hot beverage disposable cups.
    • Throwing a birthday party for a wild group of little ones? Stock up on these SOLO coffee cups delicious hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course) and a pack of permanent marker sso everyone can tell whose cocoa is whose.

    Can You Craft With Disposable Cups?

    It's true—these disposable paper cups aren't just for parties. Here are a few craft pieces you can create with our paper cups:

    • Build a luminaria in just a matter of minutes by poking holes all the way around your paper cup. Then, place a tealight where you'd like the lamp to sit, turn the cup on its top so that it covers the tealight and watch as the lights shine around the room.
    • Turn your paper cups into planters. Simply fill these sturdy paper cups with potting soil, seeds, water them as directed on the seed packet. You can paint the outside of your cup or keep them as-is.
    • Remember tin can telephones when you were a kid? Now you can make them for your kiddos but with paper cups. Simply take two paper cups and puncture a small hole in the middle of the bottom of both. Cut a length of string, securing each string in each cup by tying the ends to two paperclips. Give each kid one paper cup, send them apart, keep the string taut and watch the shock as they can hear each other speak through the paper cups.


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