Square Card Reader
Square Card Reader
Square Card Reader
Square Card Reader
Square Card Reader
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    Square Card Reader



    Do business anywhere with the Square® Card Reader.

    Is This Compatible with Apple and Android?

    Yes, the Square Card Reader works with iPhones, iPads and most Android devices so you can accept credit and debit cards from your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere. Take the Square Card Reader wherever your business takes you to provide card reading access to your customers.

    Is It Secure?

    The Square credit card reader encrypts card data at the moment of a swipe and never stores data on your device after a payment is processed. This provides your customers with peace of mind about the safety of their personal credit card data. Along with security, the Square reader provides you with clear pricing and quick deposits. For every swipe from Visa, AmericanExpress, MasterCard and Discover cards, you pay 2.75%. If a customer swipes their card for a payment of $100, you'll see a transaction of $97.5 arrive in your bank account within one to two business days.

    Easy Receipts

    The Square reader provides you and your customers easier receipt options. Hook a printer up to your smartphone or tablet to easily print receipts for your customers. Or you can do away with paper and send receipts to your customers via email or text message. Also, personalize your signature screen so that it may display your company's logo and a cover photo. Customers are afforded the ability to sign and tip right on the device in an easy, and most importantly, math-free motion as the Square Card Reader conveniently calculates tip percentages for the customer. The math-free system streamlines the transaction for you and your customer to save both of you precious time.

    Free Updates

    Square Register is a free app that provides you with everything you need to run your business transactions. Free updates keep you equipped with the latest Square reader features. Also, instantly receive $10 when you activate your account with Square.



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