Takis Fuego (1 oz., 46 pk.)
Takis Fuego (1 oz., 46 pk.)

    Takis Fuego (1 oz., 46 pk.)



    Takis® Fuego chips are a delicious and spicy option that could be a fantastic addition to your pantry or to your vending machines. These are rolled corn tortilla chips that have an intense burst of flavor. This pack offers Takis lime with a hot chili pepper taste, which is a popular choice for those who want some heat along with a little bit of sour in their snack.

    Choose Takis Fuego

    These aren’t the boring old chips that you used to pack in your lunch. Thanks to the Takis flavors, which are always tasty and intense, you can make your snack time a little more rewarding for your taste buds. These rolled tortillas have a great shape that makes snacking easy, and you’ll certainly want to keep coming back for more.

    What Do You Get With These Takis Fuego Chips?

    When you choose these Takis chips, you'll receive a box that contains 46 bags of the Takis Fuego, and each of those bags weighs just one ounce. The large box should fit easily into most pantries, but you can remove the packages and store them separately if needed.

    How to Use the Takis Fuego Chips?

    This package of Takis Fuego Chips could be a great choice to buy and put in your pantry or on the shelf. You can easily put these into your own lunches or lunches for the kids. Plus, they're a nice snack to have at any time! They are a single serving, so you won’t have to worry about eating too much.

    Because they are in individual packages, and they have their own UPC code, you will find that these can work quite well for vending machines and concession stands. They're a snack that's sure to be popular not only with you and your family, but with anyone who ever experiences the fantastic Takis flavors.