Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit
Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit
Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit
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    Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit



    The Turtle Wax® Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit is a six-piece car wash toolset that utilizes your garden hose to bring the quality of a professional car wash to your driveway. Turtle Wax is the most trusted name in car care and detailing; their products have helped keep cars sparkling clean since 1941.

    What Does This Kit Contain?

    The Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit contains six pieces: (1) an extendable aluminum pole with connector to your hose and on/off valve to control the flow of water, with non-slip grips; (2) detachable head that allows water to flow through, with a 10" brush for hard-to-reach places and a built-in squeegee for easy window cleaning, (3) standalone squeegee with easy rubber grip, great to store in your car for cleaning on the go; (4) wheel brush to remove dirt and grime from wheels without getting your hands deep in the wheel well, it reaches all the nooks and crannies that wiping cannot; (5) a microfiber sponge that will soak up and foam up the soap better than any other brush, with microfiber that won't damage your car's finish; and (6) a microfiber wash mitt that offers more coverage than the sponge plus the convenience of fitting over your hand.

    Is the Kit Machine Washable?

    The microfiber pieces included in the Turtle Wax Deluxe Flow Thru Car Wash Kit are indeed machine washable. You can choose to wash them after every car wash or simply rinse thoroughly with your hose and air-dry, they will be fresh enough for another wash in less than a day.

    Does the Kit Come with Turtle Ice Wax?

    No, this is not a Turtle wash and wax kit but it will pair superbly with Turtle Wax Ice Car Wash, available at select Sam's Club locations. This kit can be used with any brand of soap or detergent that is safe for your vehicle and for the environment, or you can mix your own car washing solution at home. The tools in this kit will make your wash fast, easy and effective.



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