Watts Premier 5-Stage RO Filter Green Block Annual Replacement - 7 pc.
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    Watts Premier 5-Stage RO Filter Green Block Annual Replacement - 7 pc.



    This one full year supply replacement filter kit fits all standard reverse osmosis systems, including all Watts RO systems like the RO TFM 5SV. It will fit all standard water filtration systems. Sediment filters reduce sand, silt, sediment and rust from the drinking water. Carbon blocks reduce many water contaminants that affect the quality and taste of your water like chloramines, chlorine taste and odor.

    The kit includes two five-micron sediment filters, four five-micron coconut shell carbon blocks and one 10" inline polishing filter--everything you need for a full year of filter change-outs.

    The carbon blocks in this kit utilize state-of-the-art Green Carbon technology that has been manufactured using a patented process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Millions of carbon blocks are sold in North America annually.

    During the process of turning the raw material into a usable carbon for these water filters, a process called charring takes place. This charring releases over 70% of the mass of the base material, which is released into the atmosphere.

    In a new and patented charring process, this Watts Green block is processed in an enclosed reactor that captures these greenhouse gasses and uses them under controlled conditions for the production of thermal energy that is used within the production plant. This process virtually eliminates the product of these greenhouse gasses that are released in the standard charring process.

    If all of the carbon blocks sold used this process, it would be the equivalent of reducing the CO2 emitted by 350,000 mid-sized cars driven 20,000 annually. Reduce your environmental impact:

    Using these Watts replacement filters with your water filtration system can save over 16,000 half liter bottles going into land fills per filter change out. Coconut shell carbon is a renewable resource compared to coal.

    Coconut plantations with millions of acres continue to provide all the benefits of green trees to our environment, in spite of using coconut shell for activation. Superior contaminant reduction is achieved through the use of these certified coconut shell carbon blocks, and it fits all standard water filtration systems.