Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces
Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces
Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces

    Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces


    Windmill USDA Organic MCT Oil, 32 Ounces


    • Made From Pure Coconut Oil
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Non-GMO

    Organic MCT Oil by Windmill Natural Vitamins

    Windmill MCT Oil is certified as USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, and is made from pure coconuts. Each serving is packed with desirable functional fatty acids known as medium chain triglycerides.

    Windmill MCT Oil is produced through a careful steam distillation and fractionation process for purity and efficacy. No solvents or chemicals of any kind are used in the process.

    Organic MCT Oil can be mixed with hot or cold beverages for easy use. It can also be used for healthy baking, salads and more

    What Is MCT Oil?

    MCT Oil contains four specific fatty acids, known as medium chain triglycerides due to their structure. These MCTS are caproic (C6), caprylic (C8), capric (C10) and lauric (C12) fatty acids. Because Windmill Organic MCT Oil is made from pure organic, non-GMO coconut oil, it is a great source of the four MCTs. In addition, it is especially rich in the prized C8 and C10 fatty acids.

    Typical MCT Profile in Organic MCT Oil

    Windmill Organic MCT Oil contains an optimal blend of medium chain triglycerides. This includes primary focus on the most desirable MCTs – capylic and capric acids – in addition to small amounts of naturally occurring caproic and lauric acid. This combination provides all the benefits associated with MCT oil use.

    This quality Organic MCT Oil contains the following functional fatty acids, based on typical composition per 14 g serving:

    • 280 mg caproic acid (C6).
    • 8,120 mg caprylic acid (C8).
    • 5,320 mg capric acid (C10).
    • 280 mg lauric acid (C12)

    Advanced Steam Fractionation Process

    Windmill's Organic MCT Oil is made using an advanced fractionation process that employs steam distillation to extract the desired MCTs from organic, non-GMO coconut oil. No chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction and separation procedure, which yields ultra-pure MCT Oil.

    • The process starts with organic, non-GMO coconut oil (containing multiple fatty acids), which is fed into the fractionation (separation) process.
    • The coconut oil is heated and low-pressure steam is applied to bring the oil to a boil. At different temperatures, individual fatty acids are separated based on their varying boiling points.
    • The desired fatty acid vapors are funneled from the tower into condensers that cool each one back into liquid.
    • Unwanted excess fatty acids and oil (distillate) are removed and not used in the product.
    • The beneficial MCTs are reconstituted in varying percentages – with greatest amounts of desirable C8 and C10 – to make up the premium Windmill Organic MCT Oil formulation.

    Mix with Hot & Cold Beverages

    The great thing about Windmill Organic MCT Oil is that it can be used in a variety of ways. That means getting the benefits of these MCT fatty acids is easy and convenient.

    • Mix with hot coffee for a morning pick-me-up. You can also add other ketogenic ingredients such as grass-fed butter or even a touch of homogenized milk for a beverage that will fill you up and keep you satisfied for hours.

    • Add to hot tea for an energizing drink in the morning or a relaxing beverage later in the day. It’s your choice. Adding Organic MCT Oil helps make it a satisfying and desirable beverage.

    • Blend with iced tea or ice coffee for a refreshing drink anytime.

    Supplement Facts and Usage

    Active ingredient: 100% pure Organic, non-GMO MCT Oil.

    Suggested Usage: Take 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of Organic MCT Oil 1-2 times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. May be consumed alone or mixed in with your favorite hot or cold beverage.

    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not use if inner seal is broken or missing.
    • Do not use in styrofoam cup.

    • No refrigeration required.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.
    • Protect from heat, light and moisture.



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